Classics Calendar for November 22

A 1903 Saturday Evening Post cover illustration for the first
part of the serialized The Call of the Wild by Jack London

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

George Eliot (1819; died December 22, 1880) English novelist; Adam Bede; The Mill on the Floss; Silas Marner; Middlemarch; and Daniel Deronda

André Gide (1869; died February 19, 1951) French author; L'immoraliste (The Immoralist); La porte étroite (Strait Is the Gate); Les caves du Vatican (The Vatican Cellars); La Symphonie Pastorale (The Pastoral Symphony); Les faux-monnayeurs (The Counterfeiters); Nobel Prize in Literature,

Ross Calvin (1889; died January 30, 1970) American writer; Sky Determines

Hoagy Carmichael (1899; died December 27, 1981) American composer; "Stardust"; "Georgia on My Mind"; "The Nearness of You"; "Heart and Soul"

Died on this day:

Arthur Sullivan (1900; born May 13, 1842) English composer; with W. S. Gilbert H.M.S. Pinafore; Pirates of Penzance; The Mikado.

Jack London (1916; born January 12, 1876) American novelist, short story writer, journalist, and activist; novels The Call of the Wild; White Fang; The Sea Wolf; stories "To Build a Fire"; "An Odyssey of the North"; "Love of Life"; "The Pearls of Parlay"; "The Heathen"; non-fiction The People of the Abyss

Arthur Eddington (1944; born December 28, 1882) English astronomer, physicist, mathematician, philosopher and popularizer of science; The Mathematical Theory of Relativity; The Nature of the Physical World; New Pathways in Science

Aldous Huxley (1963; born July 26, 1894) English short story writer, novelist and philosopher; Brave New World; Island; Point Counter Point; The Doors of Perception; The Perennial Philosophy

C. S. Lewis (1963; born November 29, 1898) British novelist, poet, essayist, and lay theologian; Allegory of Love; The Chronicles of Narnia; The Space Trilogy; Mere Christianity; The Screwtape Letters; The Problem of Pain

Anthony Burgess (1993; born February 25, 1917) English writer and composer; A Clockwork Orange; the Enderby quartet; Earthly Powers

Bonus Classic:

Wu Cheng'en (1500-1582 or 1505-1580) Chinese novelist and poet; Journey to the West (Xi You Ji), one of the "Four Great Classical Novels"

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