Classics Calendar for November 21

Voltaire's Candide and his servant Cacambo meet a slave
disfigured by an accident--and an attempted escape.

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Voltaire (1694; died May 30, 1778) French philosopher and satirist; Candide; Lettres Philosophiques (Letters Concerning the English Nation); Micromégas; Zadig; Songe de Platon (Plato's Dream)

Isaac Bashevis Singer (1902; died July 24, 1991) Polish-born American author in Yiddish; The Magician of Lublin; A Day of Pleasure; A Crown of Feathers and Other Stories; Nobel Prize in Literature,

Bonus Classic:

Wolfram von Eschenbach (1160 or 1180 to 1220) German knight and poet; Parzival; Titurel ("fragmentary"); Willehalm ("unfinished"); lyric poetry

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