Classics Calendar for February 11

Eliza Gant (Jo Van Fleet) and Eugene Gant
(Anthony Perkins) in the 1957-1959 Broadway
production of Look Homeward, Angel by
Ketti Frings, based on Thomas Wolfe's novel

Here are today's milestones:

Born this on day:

J. Ross Browne (1821; died December 9, 1875) Irish-born American traveler, artist, writer and government agent who wrote Adventures in the Apache Country

Thomas A. Edison (1847; died October 18, 1931) American scientist and inventor who left behind a Diary and published Papers

Died this on day:

Rene Descartes (1650; born March 31, 1596) French philosopher and scientist; Discourse on the Method; Meditations on First Philosophy

Louise Smith Clapp (1906; born July 28, 1819) American author; The Shirley Letters

Ketti Frings (1981; born February 28, 1909) American author and playwright; Walking Happy; Look Homeward, Angel; Pulitzer Prize for Drama (1958)

Frank Herbert (1986; born October 8, 1920) American science fiction writer who wrote Dune and its sequels; the ConSentiency series; the Destination: Void series

Sylvia Plath (1963; born October 27, 1932) American poet, novelist, and short story writer who wrote The Colossus and Other Poems; Ariel; The Bell Jar

Bonus Classic:

Du Fu (712-770) Chinese "poet historian"; nearly 1500 poems with titles like "To My Retired Friend Wei" and "Reply to a Friend's Advice"

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