Classics Calendar for February 10

Lara Antipova (Julie Christie), Dr. Yuri Andreyevich Zhivago
(Omar Sharif), and Tonya Gromeko (Geraldine Chaplin)
from the poster for David Lean's epic 1965 film
adaptation of Boris Pasternak's Doctor Zhivago

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Charles Lamb (1775; died December 27, 1834) English author; Essays of Elia; Tales from Shakespeare; The Adventures of Ulysses

Boris Pasternak (1890; died May 30, 1960) Russian poet and novelist; My Sister; Life; The Second Birth; Doctor Zhivago; Nobel Prize in Literature (1958)

Bertolt Brecht (1898; died August 14, 1956) German poet and playwright; The Threepenny Opera; Life of Galileo; Mother Courage and Her Children; The Good Person of Szechwan; The Caucasian Chalk Circle; The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

Died this on day:

Montesquieu (1755; born January 18, 1689) French man of letters; Lettres Persanes (Persian Letters); Considérations sur les Causes de la Grandeur des Romains et de Leur Décadence (Considerations on the Causes of the Grandeur and Decadence of the Romans); De l'Esprit des Lois (The Spirit of the Laws)

Alexander Pushkin (1837; born June 6, 1799) Russian poet, playwright, and novelist; Eugene Onegin; The Captain's Daughter; Boris Godunov; Ruslan and Ludmila

Claude Bernard (1878; born July 12, 1813) French physiologist; Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine

Joseph Lister (1912; born April 5, 1827) British surgeon; On the Antiseptic Principle of the Practice of Surgery; Autobiography

Laura Ingalls Wilder (1957; born February 7, 1867) American author; Little House on the Prairie and its sequels

Alex Haley (1992; born August 11, 1921) American author; Roots; The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Arthur Miller (2005; born October 17, 1915) American playwright and essayist who wrote All My Sons; Death of a Salesman; The Crucible; A View from the Bridge

Bonus Classic:

Biblical Apocrypha (c. 200?) so-called "intertestamental literature," books included in the Catholic Bible, but not the Protestant one

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