Classics Calendar for December 9

Br'er Rabbit and Tar-Baby, a famous incident in the
"Uncle Remus" stories of Joel Chandler Harris

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

John Milton (1608; died November 8, 1674) English poet and man of letters; Paradise Lost; Tractate on Education; Areopagitica; and minor poems in English (including "Lycidas" and "On the Morning of Christ's Nativity; Sonnets")

Richard Lovelace (1617; died Unknown Date, 1657) English poet; "To Althea, from Prison," "To Lucasta, Going to the Warres"

Joel Chandler Harris (1848; died July 3, 1908) American journalist and folklorist; the Uncle Remus series

Lancelot Hogben (1895; died August 22, 1975) British scientist; Mathematics for the Million; Science for the Citizen

Died on this day:

Saadi Shirazi (1291; born Unknown Date, 1210) Persian poet; Bustan (The Orchard); Gulistan (The Rose Garden)

J. Ross Browne (1875; born February 11, 1821) Irish-born American traveler, artist, writer and government agent who wrote Adventures in the Apache Country

Natsume Soseki (1916; born February 9, 1867) Japanese novelist; Kokoro; Botchan; I Am a Cat

Bonus Classic:

Nasreddin Hodja (died c. 1280) Turkish Muslim holy man and funny man, subject of thousands of stories

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