Classics Calendar for November 16

An establishment on Beale Street in Memphis, a couple of
decades after W. C. Handy wrote "Beale Street Blues"

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

W. C. Handy (1873; died March 28, 1958) American composer and performer; "St. Louis Blues"; "Beale Street Blues"

Chinua Achebe (1930; died March 21, 2013) Nigerian novelist, poet, and critic; The "African Trilogy", (Things Fall Apart; No Longer at Ease; Arrow of God); A Man of the People; Anthills of the Savannah

Died on this day:

Carl von Clausewitz (1831; born June 1, 1780) Prussian general and philosopher; Vom Kriege, (On War)

Bonus Classic:

Philo of Alexandria (c. 25 BCE-c. 50 CE) Hellenistic Jewish philosopher who wrote numerous allegorical commentaries on the "Old Testament"

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