Classics Calendar for August 31

Marshal Curly Wilcox (George Bancroft), the
"Ringo Kid" (John Wayne), and Lucy Mallory
(Louise Platt) in John Ford's 1939 classic, Stagecoach

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Hermann von Helmholtz (1821; died September 8, 1894) German scientist known for several branches of science, as well as philosophy of science

William Saroyan (1908; died May 18, 1981) American author of drama (The Time of Your Life--Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1940), novels (The Human Comedy), short stories

Died on this day:

John Bunyan (1688; baptized November 30, 1628) English writer and Baptist preacher; The Pilgrim's Progress; books based on sermons

Charles Baudelaire (1867; born April 9, 1821) French poet; Les Fleurs du mal (The Flowers of Evil)

Georges Braque (1963; born May 13, 1882) French painter who co-founded Cubism (with Picasso)

John Ford (1973; born February 1, 1894) American director of Western films (especially those featuring John Wayne) such as Stagecoach, The Searchers, and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and classics such as The Grapes of Wrath; winner of a record four Best Director Oscars

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