Classics Calendar for April 11

The Cheyenne-Arapaho people were the
subjects of some of George Bird
Grinnell's books. Shown: "Pretty Nose"

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Mark Strand (1934; died November 29, 2014) Canadian-born American poet and essayist; Blizzard of One; Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, (1999); Poet Laureate of the United States, (1990)

Died on this day:

George Bird Grinnell (1938; born September 20, 1849) American anthropologist, historian, naturalist, and writer; The Cheyenne Indians: Their History and Lifeways; Pawnee Hero Stories; Blackfoot Lodge Tales; founded the first Audubon Society in America, and co-founded the New York Zoological Society

John O'Hara (1970; born January 31, 1905) American novelist, short story writer, playwright, and essayist; Appointment in Samarra; Butterfield 8; Pal Joey; Ten North Frederick

Primo Levi (1987; born July 31, 1919) Italian novelist, short story writer, essayist, and poet; If This Is a Man (U.S. title: Survival in Auschwitz); The Periodic Table

Erskine Caldwell (1987; born December 17, 1903) American novelist; Tobacco Road; God's Little Acre

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (2007; born November 11, 1922) American novelist and short story writer; Player Piano; The Sirens of Titan; Cat's Cradle; Slaughterhouse-Five; Breakfast of Champions; short-story collection Welcome to the Monkey House includes "Harrison Bergeron," "Who Am I This Time?" and "EPICAC"

Bonus Classic:

Shuka-saptati (Seventy Stories of a Parrot) (12th century) Indian story collection, mainly bawdy ones

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