Classics Calendar for March 30

Andrew Knott as Joe Green in a 1994 film
adaptation of Anna Sewell's Black Beauty

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Francisco Goya (1746; died April 16, 1828) Spanish painter; The Second of May; The Third of May; La Maja Desnuda; Saturn Devouring His Son; Charles IV of Spain and His Family; Witches' Sabbath; Manuel Osorio Manrique de Zúñiga

Anna Sewell (1820; died April 25, 1878) English author of children's literature; Black Beauty

Paul Verlaine (1844; died January 8, 1896) French poet; Poèmes saturniens; Sagesse; Les poètes maudits

Vincent van Gogh (1853; died July 29, 1890) Dutch painter; The Starry Night; L'Arlesienne; Bedroom at Aries; Self-Portrait

Sean O'Casey (1880; died September 18, 1964) Irish playwright known for The Shadow of a Gunman; Juno and the Paycock; The Plough and the Stars; Red Roses for Me

Jean Giono (1895; died October 8, 1970) French author of Colline; Second Harvest; Un roi sans divertissement; The Horseman on the Roof

Ernest Gombrich (1909; died November 3, 2001) Austrian-born British art historian; The Story of Art; Art and Illusion; Meditations on a Hobby Horse; The Image and the Eye

Tsushima Yuko (1947; died February 18, 2016) Japanese writer, essayist and critic; Child of Fortune; Woman Running in the Mountains; The Shooting Gallery & Other Stories; Laughing Wolf

Died on this day:

Jean Toomer (1967; born December 26, 1894) American poet and novelist; the novel Cane

Bonus Classic:

Vimalakirti Sutra (c. 100) Indian Buddhist text allegedly spoken by Vimalakirti ("undefiled fame or glory"), a patron of the Buddha; concentrates on non-dual emptiness; altruism (the "selfless hand"); advocates equal treatment for women; uses Zen-like humor

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