Classics Calendar for February 24

Winslow Homer's Breezing Up

Here are today's milestones:

Born this on day:

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (1463; died November 17, 1494) Italian philosopher; Oratio de hominis dignitate (Oration on the Dignity of Man)

Wilhelm Grimm (1786; died December 16, 1859) German folklorist; Kinder-und Hausmärchen (Children's and Household Tales, with brother Jacob)

Winslow Homer (1836; died September 29, 1910) American painter; A Visit from the Old Mistress; Breezing Up; Eight Bells; The Gulf Stream; The Fox Hunt; Right and Left; Marine Coast; High Cliff

Bonus Classic:

Jiao Yu (14th century) Chinese military officer; wrote the Huo Long Jing (Fire Dragon Manual) with Liu Bowen

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