Classics Calendar for November 14

Rouen Cathedral, Full
Sunlight, from Claude Monet's
Rouen Cathedral series

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Aaron Copland (1900; died December 2, 1990) American composer; Appalachian Spring; Fanfare for the Common Man; Lincoln Portrait

Charles Lyell (1797; died February 22, 1875) English geologist; Principles of Geology; Elements of Geology; Antiquity of Man

Claude Monet (1840; died December 5, 1926) French painter; Impression, Sunrise; Rouen Cathedral series; London Parliament series; Water Lilies; Poplars; The Bridge at Argenteull; Haystacks

Frederick Jackson Turner (1861; died March 14, 1932) American historian; The Frontier in American History

Karen Armstrong (1944) British religion writer; A History of God; The Battle for God; The Case for God

Died on this day:

Booker T. Washington (1915; born April 5, 1856) American educator and author; The Story of My Life and Work; Up From Slavery

Robert E. Sherwood (1955; born April 4, 1896) American playwright and screenwriter; Waterloo Bridge; Idiot's Delight; Abe Lincoln in Illinois; Rebecca; There Shall Be No Night; The Best Years of Our Lives; The Bishop's Wife; Pulitzer Prize for Drama (1936, 1939, 1941); Academy Award for Best Screenplay (1947); Pulitzer Prize for Biography (1948)

Idwal Jones (1964; born December 8, 1887 or 1888) American novelist and non-fiction writer; The Vineyard; Ark of Empire: San Francisco’s Montgomery Block

Saki (1916; born December 18, 1870), pen name of  H. H. Munro, a British short story writer; also playwright, and novelist; "The Storyteller"; "The Open Window"; "The East Wing"; The Westminster Alice; The Chronicles of Clovis

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1831; born August 27, 1770) German philosopher; The Phenomenology of Mind; lectures

Bonus Classic:

Shudraka (3rd century CE) Indian king and playwright; most famous for Mrichchhakatika (The Little Clay Cart); also Vinavasavadatta and Padmaprabhritaka

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