Classics Calendar for November 1

A woodcut by Robert Quackenbush to
illustrate Stephen Crane's "The Open Boat"

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Stephen Crane (1871; died June 5, 1900) American poet, novelist, and short story writer; The Red Badge of Courage; Maggie: A Girl of the Streets; "The Open Boat"; "The Blue Hotel"; "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky"; The Monster

Sholem Asch (1880; died July 10, 1957) Polish-American Yiddish novelist, dramatist, and essayist; Three Cities; The Nazarene; The Apostle; Mary; Tales of My People (short stories)

Hagiwara Sakutaro (1886; died May 11, 1942) Japanese writer and poet; Tsuki ni Hoeru (Howling at the Moon); Aoneko (Blue Cat); Hyōtō (Icy Island)

Died on this day:

Ezra Pound (1972; born October 30, 1885) American poet and critic; Ripostes; Hugh Selwyn Mauberley; The Cantos

William Styron (2006; born June 11, 1925) American novelist and essayist; The Confessions of Nat Turner; Sophie's Choice

Bonus Classic:

John Webster (c. 1580 – c. 1634) English playwright; The White Devil; The Duchess of Malfi

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