Classics Calendar for October 8

The Oregon Dunes that inspired Frank Herbert's Dune

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

John Cowper Powys (1872; died June 17, 1963) British novelist, philosopher, critic, and poet; Wolf Solent; A Glastonbury Romance; Weymouth Sands; Maiden Castle; (these four his "Wessex novels"); Autobiography; Owen Glendower; Porius

Frank Herbert (1920; died February 11, 1986) American science fiction writer who wrote Dune and its sequels; the ConSentiency series; the Destination: Void series

Died on this day:

Mukai Kyorai (1704; born 1651) Japanese poet known for Kyoraishō (Conversations with Kyorai)

Henry Fielding (1754; born April 22, 1707) English novelist and dramatist most famous for The History of Tom Jones

Premchand (1936; born July 31, 1880) Indian novelist, short story writer, and dramatist; Nirmala; Karmabhoomi; Godaan; Bazaar-e-Husn; Shatranj ke khiladi; Gaban; short stories

Jean Giono (1970; born March 30, 1895) French author of Colline; Second Harvest; Un roi sans divertissement; The Horseman on the Roof

Bonus Classic:

Michitsuna no Haha ("Mother of Michitsuna") (c. 935-995) Japanese minor noblewoman; Kagero Nikki (The Mayfly Diary, or The Gossamer Years)

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