Classics Calendar for May 26

Remains of Wearmouth-Jarrow Abbey where the Venerable
Bede wrote his Ecclesiastical History of the English People

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Miles Davis (1936; died September 28, 1991) American jazz artist known for Round About Midnight; Sketches of Spain; Milestones; Kind of Blue

Died on this day:

Bede (735; born Unknown Date, 672 or 673) English monk and historian; wrote Ecclesiastical History of the English People

Samuel Pepys (1703; born February 23, 1633) English naval administrator; Diary of Samuel Pepys

Martin Heidegger (1976; born September 26, 1889) German philosopher who wrote Being and Time

Bonus Classic:

Sayings of the Fathers (no date) Ethical teachings of rabbis across the ages, expressed in pithy verses

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