Classics Calendar for March 14

The Last Sleep of Arthur by Edward Burne-Jones
illustrates the moment Thomas Malory called
Le Morte D'Arthur--"The Death of Arthur."

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Albert Einstein (1879; died April 18, 1955) German-American physicist; Relativity: the Special and General Theory; The Meaning of Relativity; "The World As I See It"; "My Views"; Nobel Prize in Physics (1921)

Died on this day:

Thomas Malory (1471; born Unknown Date, 1405) English writer; Morte D'Arthur

Karl Marx (1883; born May 5, 1818) German philosopher; The Communist Manifesto (with Friedrich Engels); Das Kapital

Frederick Jackson Turner (1932; born November 14, 1861) American historian; The Frontier in American History

Edward Abbey (1989; born January 29, 1927) American novelist and essayist; The Monkey Wrench Gang; Desert Solitaire

Lawrence Clark Powell (2001; born September 3, 1906) American author and librarian known for books about books and authors

Bonus Classic:

"Negro" Spirituals (started in 18th century) Christian songs created by African slaves in the United States

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