Classics Calendar for March 10

The California poppy is celebrated in Ina Donna
poem "Copa De Oro" (Cup of Gold)
(Author's photo)

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Ina Donna Coolbrith (1841; died February 29, 1928) American poet and writer; "The Mother's Grief"; "When the Grass Shall Cover Me"; "Copa De Oro (California Poppy)"

Died on this day:

Mikhail Bulgakov (1940; born May 15, 1891) Russian writer and playwright; The Master and Margarita

Frank O'Connor (1966; born September 17, 1903) Irish short story writer, poet, and novelist known for short stories "Guests of the Nation"; "The Majesty of Law"; "First Confession"; "My Oedipus Complex"; also poems and novels

Bonus Classic:

Chushingura or The Treasury of Loyal Retainers (first performed 1748), a Bunraku (puppet play) about the "47 Ronin," by Takeda Izumo, Miyoshi Shôraku, and Namiki Senryû

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