Classics Calendar for February 2

Dublin as James Joyce might have known it

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

James Joyce (1882; died January 13, 1941) Irish novelist, short-story writer, and poet; Ulysses; Dubliners; A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man; Finnegans Wake

Ayn Rand (1905; died March 6, 1982) Russian-American novelist, philosopher, and playwright; The Fountainhead; Atlas Shrugged

James Dickey (1923; died January 19, 1997) American poet and novelist; Buckdancer's Choice: Poems; Deliverance; Poet Laureate of the USA (1966)

Died this on day:

Baldassare Castiglione (1529; born December 6, 1478) Italian courtier and author; Il Cortegiano (The Courtier)

Dmitri Mendeleev (1907; born February 8, 1834) Russian chemist; The Principles of Chemistry; An Attempt Towards a Chemical Conception of the Ether; Mendeleev on the Periodic Law: Selected Writing

Bertrand Russell (1970; born May 18, 1872) British philosopher, mathematician, historian, and activist; Principia Mathematica (with Alfred North Whitehead); "On Denoting"; The Problems of Philosophy; Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays; What I Believe; Why I Am Not a Christian; A History of Western Philosophy; Nobel Prize in Literature (1950)

Bonus Classic:

Diogenes Laertius (3rd century) Greek biographer, wrote Lives of Eminent [Greek] Philosophers

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