Classics Calendar for January 7

Albert Bierstadt's 6 x 10 foot painting
Among the Sierra Nevada, California

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Albert Bierstadt (1830; died February 18, 1902) German-American painter; large landscapes like The Rocky Mountains; Among the Sierra Nevada, California; Mount Corcoran

Zora Neale Hurston (1891; died January 28, 1960) American novelist, short story writer, and folklorist; Their Eyes Were Watching God; Mules and Men

Died on this day:

François Fénelon (1715; born August 6, 1651) French Roman Catholic archbishop, theologian, and poet; Les Aventures de Télémaque (The Adventures of Telemachus)

John Berryman (1972; born October 25, 1914) American poet who wrote The Dream Songs (77 Dream Songs and His Toy, His Dream His Rest); Pulitzer Prize for Poetry (1965)

Bonus Classic

Hippocrates (c. 460-c. 370 BCE) Greek physician whose Works include "The Hippocratic Oath"

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