Classics Calendar for January 2

Will Smith in the 2004 film version of I, Robot, considered the
first in the Foundation Series of stories by Isaac Asimov

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Isaac Asimov (1920; died April 6, 1992) American author of science fiction; the Foundation Series; the Galactic Empire series; the Robot series; "Nightfall"; essay collections

Therese of Lisieux (1873; died September 30, 1897) French nun and mystic who wrote the poetic masterpiece "To Live by Love"; also L'Histoire d'une Âme (The Story of a Soul); Last Conversations; poetry, prayers, and religious plays

Bonus Classic

Kalidasa (5th century CE) Indian Sanskrit poet and dramatist who wrote Cloud Messenger; Shakuntala; Kumarasambhava

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