Classics Calendar for January 10

Hawk Tower, built by hand by Robinson
at his Tor House in Carmel, California
(Author's photo)

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Robinson Jeffers (1887; died January 20, 1962) California-based American poet; Tamar; Roan Stallion; Give Your Heart to the Hawks; "Natural Music"; "Hurt Hawks"; "The Purse-Seine"; "Shine, Perishing Republic"

Erna Fergusson (1888; died July 30, 1964) New Mexico-based writer, historian, and storyteller, who documented the culture and history of New Mexico for more than forty years. Wrote Dancing Gods.

Philip Levine (1928; died February 14, 2015) American poet; The Simple Truth; What Work Is; Pulitzer Prize for Poetry (1994); Poet Laureate of the USA (2011-2012)

Died on this day:

Sinclair Lewis (1951; born February 7, 1885) American novelist, short-story writer, and playwright; Main Street; Babbitt; Arrowsmith; Elmer Gantry; Nobel Prize in Literature (1930)

Gabriela Mistral (1957; born April 7, 1889) Chilean poet, educator, and humanist known for Sonnets of Death, Despair, Tenderness, and Harvesting. Nobel Prize in Literature (1945)

Dashiell Hammett (1961; born May 27, 1894) American crime writer who created the characters Sam Spade (The Maltese Falcon); Nick and Nora Charles (The Thin Man); the Continental Op (Red Harvest and The Dain Curse); also wrote short stories

Bonus Classic

Lady Sarashina (c. 1008-after 1059) Japanese lady-in-waiting; Sarashina Nikki (Lady Sarashina's Diary, also known as As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams)

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