Classics Calendar for October 24

Lily Elsie as Sonia (originally Hannah), The
Merry Widow
in the first English adaptation
(London, 1907) of Franz Lehar's operetta.

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

William Penn (1644; died July 30, 1718) English Quaker philosopher Fruits of Solitude; No Cross, No Crown

Died on this day:

Franz Lehar (1948; born April 30, 1870) Austro-Hungarian composer Die lustige Witwe; (The Merry Widow); many more

G. E. Moore (1958; born November 4, 1873) English philosopher; Principia Ethica; "The Refutation of Idealism"; "A Defence of Common Sense"; "A Proof of the External World"

Kita Morio (2011; born May 1, 1927) Japanese novelist who wrote The House of Nire; Ghosts; The Adventures of Kupukupu the Sailor; story "In the Corner of Night and Fog"

Bonus Classic:

Bhagavad Gita (4th century CE) Indian holy book presenting a conversation between a prince named Arjuna and his chariot driver, the god Krishna in disguise; part of Mahabharata (but often encountered independently); and like it attributed to Vyasa (c. 200)

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