Classics Calendar for October 21

The Ancient Mariner in Samuel Taylor
Rime is forced to wear an
albatross around his neck.
From an 1857 edition.

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772; died July 25, 1834) English poet and philosopher; The Rime of the Ancient Mariner; Christabel; Kubla Khan; Biographia Literaria

Edogawa Ranpo (1894; died July 28, 1965) Japanese crime novelist and short story writer; "Private Detective Kogoro Akechi" series

Dizzy Gillespie (1917; died January 6, 1993) American jazz composer and performer who wrote "Groovin' High"; "Woody 'n' You"; "Salt Peanuts"; "A Night in Tunisia"; "Manteca"; Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award (1989)

Ursula K. LeGuin (1929; died January 22, 2018) American author of novels, children's books, and short stories, mainly fantasy and science fiction who wrote the Earthsea series; The Hainish Cycle; The Lathe of Heaven

Died on this day:

Jack Kerouac (1969; born March 12, 1922) American novelist and poet who wrote The Town and the City; On the Road; The Dharma Bums; Mexico City Blues

Shiga Naoya (1971; born February 20, 1883) Japanese novelist and short story writer; An'ya Koro (A Dark Night's Passing); The Paper Door and Other Stories

Bonus Classic:

Apuleius (c. 125-c. 180) Latin-speaking Numidian writer; The Metamorphoses (The Golden Ass); Apologia

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