Classics Calendar for October 15

Helen Hunt Jackson's novel Ramona inspired a pageant
featuring a cast of approximately 375 players that
has been performed in Hemet, California, since 1923.

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Virgil (70 BCE; died September 21, 19 BCE) Roman poet known for The Aeneid; The Eclogues; The Georgics

Helen Hunt Jackson (1830; died August 12, 1885) American writer and activist; Ramona; A Century of Dishonor

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844; died August 25, 1900) German philosopher; The Birth of Tragedy; Thus Spoke Zarathustra; Beyond Good and Evil; On the Genealogy of Morality

Italo Calvino (1923; died September 19, 1985) Italian journalist and writer of short stories and novels known for Our Ancestors (trilogy), especially The Baron in the Trees; Invisible Cities; If on a winter's night a traveler; short story collection Cosmicomics

Died on this day:

Robert Herrick (1674; born August 24, 1591) English poet and cleric; "To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time" and hundreds more

Inazo Nitobe (1933; born September 1, 1862) Japanese author and educator; Bushido: The Soul of Japan

Cole Porter (1964; born June 9, 1891) American composer; shows Anything Goes; Kiss Me Kate; Can Can; Silk Stockings; songs "Night and Day"; "Begin the Beguine"; "I Get a Kick Out of You"; "Well, Did You Evah!"; "I've Got You Under My Skin"; "My Heart Belongs to Daddy"; "You're the Top"

Bonus Classic:

Caedmon (fl. 657-680) English poet and lay monastic herder who learned to compose in a dream; only known surviving work is "Hymn in Praise of God," commonly known as "Caedmon's Hymn."

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