Classics Calendar for August 12

Illustration by William Blake for his poem
"The Tyger" in his collection Songs of Experience.

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Cecil B. DeMille (1881; died January 21, 1959) American filmmaker; silent movies The Squaw Man; The Trail of the Lonesome Pine; "talkies" Cleopatra; The Plainsman; "epics" Samson and Delilah; The Greatest Show on Earth (Academy Award, 1953); The Ten Commandments

Erwin Schrodinger (1887; died January 4, 1961) Austrian physicist and philosopher of science; Science and the Human Temperament; Science and Humanism; My View of the World; What Is Life?; Nobel Prize in Physics (1933)

Died on this day:

William Blake (1827; born November 28, 1757) English poet and artist; Songs of Innocence and of Experience; The Marriage of Heaven and Hell; Jerusalem; Milton

Helen Hunt Jackson (1885; born October 15, 1830) American writer and activist on behalf of Native Americans; Ramona; A Century of Dishonor

James Russell Lowell (1891; born February 22, 1819) American poet, critic, and editor; A Fable for Critics; The Biglow Papers

Thomas Mann (1955; born June 6, 1875) German novelist, short story writer, essayist; Buddenbrooks; The Magic Mountain; Death in Venice; Joseph and His Brothers; Doctor Faustus; Nobel Prize in Literature (1929)

Ian Fleming (1964; born May 28, 1908) English author; creator of the James Bond series

Nakagami Kenji (1992; born August 2, 1946) Japanese novelist and essayist; The Cape; The Sea of Withered Trees; Hanzo's Bird; The Immortal; The Cape and other stories from the Japanese Ghetto; Snakelust

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