Classics Calendar for July 24

John D. MacDonald's
tough guy, Travis McGee

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Alexandre Dumas (1802; died December 5, 1870) French writer; The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo; The Man in the Iron Mask

Tanizaki Jun'ichiro (1886; died July 30, 1965) Japanese fiction writer; playwright; essayist; Tade ku mushi (Some Prefer Nettles); Sasameyuki (Light Snow = The Makioka Sisters)

Robert Graves (1895; died December 7, 1985) English poet, novelist, and critic; poetry; The White Goddess; The Golden Ass of Apuleius; I, Claudius

John D. MacDonald (1916; died December 28, 1986) American crime novelist and short story writer; the Travis McGee series

Yoshimoto Banana (1964) Japanese novelist; Moonlight Shadow; Kitchen; Goodbye Tsugumi; The Lake

Died on this day:

Akutagawa Ryunosuke (1927; born March 1, 1892) Japanese short story writer; "Rashōmon"; "In a Grove"; "The Nose"; "Hell Screen"; "The Spider's Thread"; "Dragon: the Old Potter's Tale"; "Autumn Mountain"

Isaac Bashevis Singer (1991; born November 21, 1902) Polish-born American author in Yiddish; The Magician of Lublin; A Day of Pleasure; A Crown of Feathers and Other Stories; Nobel Prize in Literature, (1978)

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