Classics Calendar for July 20

Javier Bardem's eerie eyes haunt the
poster for the 2007 film version of Cormac
No Country for Old Men

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Petrarch (1304; died July 19, 1374) Italian scholar and poet; Canzoniere (Songbook); Trionfi (Triumphs); Secretum Meum (My Secret Book); De Viris Illustribus (On Famous Men); letters

Gregor Mendel (1822; died January 6, 1884) Austro-German monk and scientist; "Experiments on Plant Hybridization"

Herbert E. Bolton (1870; died January 30, 1953) American historian; Anza's California Expeditions

Cormac McCarthy (1933) American novelist; Suttree; Blood Meridian; the Border trilogy (All the Pretty Horses; The Crossing; Cities of the Plain); No Country for Old Men; The Road; The Sunset Limited; Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (2007)

Died on this day:

Ejima Kiseki (1735 or 1736; born Unknown Date, 1666 or 1667) Japanese writer; Seken Musume Kataki (Characters of Worldly Young Women)

Andrew Lang (1912; born March 31, 1844) Scottish poet, novelist, and folklorist; best-known for the "Fairy Book" series starting with The Blue Fairy Book

Paul Valéry (1945; born October 30, 1871) French poet, essayist, and philosopher; La Jeune Parque (The Young Fate); "Le Cimetière marin" ("The Cemetery by the Sea"); "L'Ébauche d'un serpent" ("Silhouette of a Serpent")

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