Classics Calendar for May 28

Ian Fleming's concept sketch for James Bond

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Ian Fleming (1908; died August 12, 1964) English author; creator of the James Bond series

Patrick White (1912; died September 30, 1990) Australian novelist, short story writer, and playwright whose novels include Voss; Riders in the Chariot; Happy Valley; The Tree of Man; The Burnt Ones; Nobel Prize in Literature (1973)

May Swenson (1913; died December 4, 1989) American poet and playwright known for poetry collections New & Selected Things Taking Place; In Other Words

Walker Percy (1916; died May 10, 1990) American novelist and essayist; The Moviegoer; The Second Coming

Died on this day:

Noah Webster (1843; born October 16, 1758) American educator and author famous for An American Dictionary of the English Language

Maya Angelou (2014; born April 4, 1928) American poet, memoirist, and activist; I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings; On the Pulse of Morning

Bonus Classic:

Matteo Maria Boiardo (1441-1494) Italian Renaissance poet who wrote Orlando Innamorato

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