Classics Calendar for May 24

Iconic 1920s portrait of the elegant Duke Ellington

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

William Gilbert (1544; died November 30, 1603) English physician, physicist and "natural philosopher" regarded by some as the father of electrical engineering or electricity and magnetism. Wrote On the Lodestone (Magnet)

Joseph Brodsky (1940; died January 28, 1996) Russian-American poet and essayist; Gorbunov and Gorchakov; Less Than One: Selected Essays; Nobel Prize in Literature (1987)

Died on this day:

Nicolaus Copernicus (1543; born February 19, 1473) German/Polish astronomer; De revolutionibus orbium coelestium (On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres)

Duke Ellington (1974; born April 29, 1899) American jazz composer and performer; "Take the "A" Train"; "In a Sentimental Mood"; "Mood Indigo"; "It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)"; "Cocktails for Two"; "Black and Tan Fantasy"; " Solitude"; multiple Grammys

Bonus Classic:

Plotinus (204-270) Greek-speaking Egyptian-born mystic philosopher who taught "three principles": the One, the Intellect, and the Soul. Best known for his Enneads.

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