Classics Calendar for May 2

Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man

Here are today's milestones:

Born on this day:

Novalis (1772; died March 25, 1801) German poet, author, and philosopher; Hymnen an die Nacht (Hymns to the Night); Die Lehrlinge zu Sais (The Novices of Sais)

Higuchi Ichiyo (1872; died November 23, 1896) Japanese short story writer; "Takekurabe" ("Comparing Heights"); "Jūsan'ya" ("The Thirteenth Night"); "Ōtsugomori" ("On the Last Day of the Year"); "Nigorie" ("Troubled Waters"); "Wakare-Michi" ("Separate Ways")

Died on this day:

Athanasius (373; born 296) Roman Christian theologian and Church Father, born in Roman-era Alexandria; Life of Saint Anthony of Egypt; traditionally credited with the "Athanasian Creed"

Leonardo da Vinci (1519; born April 15, 1452) Italian polymath; Mona Lisa; Last Supper; The Annunciation

Alfred de Musset (1857; born December 11, 1810) French dramatist, poet, and novelist who wrote The Story of a White Blackbird and The Confession of a Child of the Century, as well as the play Lorenzaccio

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